Varad Bende

Technical Lead for Food, Pharma & Nutrition at Knowde

Varad Bende is a trained food technologist with 3+ years of experience.

He received a Masters of Technology in Food Biotechnology from the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India. He also earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology Engineering, and was the university topper in both graduate and postgraduate courses.

After his studies, Varad worked as a product development executive in the R&D division of ITC Ltd., one of the biggest FMCG conglomerates in India.

Varad now works at Knowde as the Technical Lead for Food, Pharma & Nutrition and regularly contributes to Knowde Periodical.

He is a born foodie and Knowde’s in-house expert on food ingredients. He is proficient in food product development, sensory evaluation and process development. Additionally, Varad is a food & nutrition enthusiast and has completed an online CPD Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics.

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